TEHNOMETAL-VARDAR has a wide range of activities .

Adequate skilled potential, the few firms abroad,  sale capacities in the country, long-term tradition and experience in international trade enable efficient and organized access and operation in the following activities :

  • export-import and re-export
  • domestic wholesale
  • agency and mediation
  • storage
  • agricultural products wholesale trade
  • discount center for sale of food and other  products
  • catering and tourism

Export-import and wholesale trade

Basic branches and products dealing with :

  • Metallurgy :  steel and iron products, non-ferrous metals and ferro-alloys;
  • Equipment :  machines and vehicles : equipment and spare parts for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, non-metal industry, construction and processing equipment, agricultural mechanization, buses, load trucks, railway transport.
  • Chemistry and non-metals :  plastic masses, organic chemistry, agro-chemistry, marbles and granites, minerals and magnezites,  refractory materials, wood and construction materials.
  • Electric-metalotechnic goods :  electric motors, high-voltage units, cables, conductors, household appliances, small appliances, porcelain, crystal and metal accessories
  • Food products :  food products, fruit, vegetables, wine and other beverages.

Representation of domestic and foreign firms

Wholesale market - Skopje

The agricultural products wholesale market (Kvantaski Pazar) of TEHNOMETAL-VARDAR is a central market in the Republic of Macedonia for fruits and vegetables of local production and also imported from abroad, especially citrus fruits. The market is located in Madzari settlement, at ,,Pero Nakov “ Street covering 120.000 m2.

Discount center - Skopje

Discount Center of TEHNOMETL-VARDAR AD is the largest discount center for food products and other products in the Republic of Macedonia. It is located in Madzari at ,, Pero Nakov “ bb Street within the Wholesale market. It has 75 selling and auxiliary storehouses with a total area of 10.000 m2.